Amplify youth voices about climate issues & actions youth can take 


As students build their background knowledge of climate mitigation, adaptation, and resilience, they lend their voices to local solutions.


Example 1:

Students learned about an upcoming decision that City Council members would be making regarding funding a local flood mitigation project in their neighborhood. Students visited the creek to study current flood mitigation strategies, built flood models, and presented their findings to local officials at a city council meeting.



Example 2:

2nd graders studied pollinators in Colorado and learned that climate change, pesticides, and habitat loss have been causing a drastic decrease in pollinators.  Students wrote a play, educated their fellow students, and made signs for local grocery stores teaching shoppers about the importance of pollinators.  Also, second graders went to the state capitol to advocate for a ban on neonicotinoids which has been harming pollinators. Activism IS Education!